The ACT is a standardized test that is conducted to measure the readiness of students who wish to seek admission to various global universities or schools. The ACT score of a student is considered along with other factors by universities before deciding on admission. This computer-based test is accepted not just by various US universities but also other top universities of Canada, Australia, Europe, India, New Zealand, etc. Students can consider taking up SAT as well, especially if time is on their side. This approach will allow them to send the best scores to the institutes they wish to enrol in.

ACT Test Overview

The duration of the ACT is 3 hours and 35 minutes and the students are required to attempt questions that are spread across four subject areas – English, Math, Science Reasoning, and Reading. There’s an optional writing test as well. The ACT scoring is on a scale of 1-36. As there is no negative marking in the test, students are advised to guess on questions that are tough for them to crack.


This section measures the student’s English grammar usage, punctuation, sentence structure, and overall usage of the language. The English section includes 75 questions that need to be attempted within 45 minutes. This section has five passages which are followed by several multiple-choice questions.


Comprising 60 questions, the Math section requires students to attempt all of them within 60 minutes. The unique aspect of this section is its ability to test students on different aspects of mathematics, including basic arithmetic, trigonometry, geometry, algebra, etc. The multiple-choice questions that are included in this section will prompt students to use their reasoning skills in attempting them. Students are allowed to use certain calculators while attempting questions in this section.


In this section, there are 40 questions that students need to answer in 35 minutes. Altogether there seven passages with several questions on data presentation. This section also includes hypothesis or theories related to specific scientific concepts and experimental studies and their outcomes. The section helps decide on the candidate’s skills in natural sciences, including reasoning, interpretation, problem-solving, evaluation, and analysis.


This section includes 40 questions that need to be attempted by students in 35 minutes. There will be four passages in the Reading section on different topics like history, psychology, social sciences, natural sciences, etc. Following these passages will be a few multiple-choice questions that measure the candidate’s supportive and complementary skills across different subject areas. This section will also determine the candidate’s ability to understand different statements and their hidden meanings.

Writing (Optional)

This optional section is designed to measure the candidate’s analytical and writing abilities. The section that needs to be attempted within 40 minutes includes writing prompt wherein an issue will be described to you. You will be required to clear your position on that issue. You have the liberty to make an alternate view on the issue presented to you.

What scores are preferred by top universities?

Given below is the list of top US universities with their ACT cut-offs based on the data a few years back:

California Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology                      

Brown University   

Carnegie Mellon University   

Columbia University  

Dartmouth University   

Harvard University   

John Hopkins University   

Northwestern University  

Princeton University    

Rice University          

Stanford University 

University of Pennsylvania 

Notre Dame University   

















Yale University   

Amherst University 

Boston University      

Tufts University    

University of Michigan   

Williams College   

Carleton College 

Emory University   

Georgetown University     

Georgia Tech   

Hamilton College    

Haverford College   

Tufts University    

University of Michigan   

Williams College    

















Non-US Universities accepting ACT scores

University                                                      Country            Average Composite ACT Score

Barcelona Technology School                      Spain                                      16

Kwangwoon University                                South Korea                            18

Meiji University                                            Japan                                    18

Brunel University London                            United Kingdom                       18

Donghua University                                      China                                    18

Hays International College                           Australia                                 18

University of Warsaw                                   Poland                                    19

University of Reading                                   United Kingdom                      19

Bina Nusantara University                            Indonesia                                19

University of Lethbridge Calgary                 Canada                                     20

College of New Caledonia                            Canada                                   20

Columbia College                                         Canada                                 20

University of Iceland                                    Iceland                                  20

Ulster University                                          United Kingdom                     20

University of Groningen                               Netherlands                            20

Afyon Kocatepe University                          Turkey                                     20

Fairleigh Dickinson University                     Canada                                    20

National University of San Marcos              Peru                                         20

University of Costa Rica                              Costa Rica                              21

Martin College                                              Australia                              21

University of Salento                                    Italy                                     21

Southeast University                                     China                                  21

Izmir Ekonomi University                            Turkey                                    21

University of Cagliari                                   Italy                                      21

University of Moncton                                 Canada                                 21

LaSalle College                                            Canada                                21

Baskent University                                        Turkey                                21

Curtin University Perth                                 Australia                              21

Dankook University                                      South Korea                         21

Wrexham Glyndwr University                     United Kingdom                      21

Endeavour College of Natural Health          Australia                                21

Yeditepe University                                      Turkey                                21

Leiden University                                         Netherlands                        21

Jonkoping University                                    Sweden                              21

St Clair College                                             Canada                             21

Holland College                                            Canada                              21

University of Ottawa                                     Canada                               21

University of Lubeck                                    Germany                             21

Isik University                                              Turkey                                21

Mediterranean College                                  Greece                               21

Firat University                                             Turkey                               21

La Trobe University                                      Australia                             21

Lakeland College Vermillion                       Canada                                 21

University of Cumbria                                  United Kingdom                  22

Simon Fraser University Surrey                   United Kingdom                    22

University of Brescia                                    Italy                                   22

University of the Arts London                     United Kingdom                    22

Regents University London                          United Kingdom                   22

James Cook University                                 Australia                            22

Trinity Western University                           Canada                               22

Leeds Trinity University                               United Kingdom                  22

Queens University                                        Canada                             23

Canadian College                                          Canada                            23

Koc University Turkey                                 Turkey                                 23

De La Salle University                                 Philippines                          23

Georgian College                                         Canada                              23

National Central University                         Taiwan                                 23

University of Winchester                             United Kingdom                   23

The University of Bradford                          United Kingdom                    23

London South Bank University                   United Kingdom                     24

Hult International Business School             China                                  24

Kingston University London                        United Kingdom                   24

Glasgow Caledonian University                  United Kingdom                    24

Ankara University                                        Turkey                               24

Hacettepe University                                    Turkey                              24

University of Guelph                                    Canada                              24

What are the passing scores and what do the scores represent?

There is no such thing as a passing score in the ACT as is with most standardized tests. The higher your ACT score, the greater are your chances of securing admission to a top university or school. Also, your ACT scores are indicative of your strengths and weaknesses in different subject areas. In interpreting your scores accurately, you can pay more attention to areas that you are weak in and excel in them subsequently.

One of the most essential components of securing college admission is to understand your ACT scores. In a way, the test score reflects your competitiveness as a student and highlights the next important steps you need to take for making progress in your chosen field.

If you want to figure out how you compare with other students taking up the ACT, you need to have a look at your percentile score. This score indicates the percentage of students who have scored lesser than you. For example, if your score is in the 85th percentile, then it means you have scored equivalent or more than 85% of students who have taken up the same test. Students can always refer to ‘Detailed Results’ to check out the breakdown of how well they have done in each section and sub-sections.

Edument approach for your ACT preparation

When it comes to preparing you for the ACT, Edument leaves no stone unturned. Our approach for all standardized tests, including the ACT, is unique and effective. Our ACT experts help students follow a well-designed schedule of lectures so they can prepare for the test in the best possible way. Our practice sections are so developed that it becomes easier for you to cover various areas of the ACT. Also, to make your ACT preparation effective and worthwhile, we introduce to you ACT video lectures that come with useful and easy to implement techniques.

Our friendly and experienced ACT tutors can be contacted anytime by students for clearing doubts. Whatever difficulties you may face or problem areas you are stuck in; expect our tutors to help you get out of them easily.

Flexibility is guaranteed when you choose to prepare for your ACT with Edument. As a student, you can choose the speed you want to prepare for the test. Usually, our ACT course is designed to be completed within 12 weeks. However, based on your requirements and comfort level, this can be changed accordingly.

Students are encouraged to take up specifically designed computer-aided simulated tests and study units during their course period with us. Our ACT experts also work closely with students in building a strong foundation in math concepts, grammar, reading and reasoning skills. Students will also be trained in improving their essay writing skills.

Where to book your ACT exam?

You need to prepare well in advance for your ACT. At Edument, we have experienced and friendly ACT tutors to guide you through and monitor your progress. Get in touch with us anytime to discuss on how we can help you clear this test easily. However, to book your ACT, you need to visit the official website of ACT and register yourself there.

After visiting the website:, you need to provide all the details required for the registration, including email address and password. If you have created an account, you just need to log in using your details. Else, create a MyACT account and get going. If you need any help during registration, you can check out FAQs listed on the website or contact ACT support staff directly.

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