To get admission to a top MBA institute or a business-related course, you must clear the GMAT exam. There are 4 main sections in the GMAT – Verbal, Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative, and Integrated Reasoning. The time allocated to complete this exam is 3.5 hours. However, some centres provide students with 4 to 4.5 hours to complete the exam after including mandatory breaks.

Exam Structure

Students need to attempt 41 questions under the Verbal section and the time allocated for this section is 75 minutes. Here, the question types will be related to reading comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reasoning.

Under the Analytical Writing Assessment section, there will only be 1 topic and the time allocated for it is 30 minutes. The question will be related to the analysis of an argument.

The Quantitative section comprises 37 questions and students have 75 minutes to crack them. Questions in this section will range from data sufficiency to problem-solving.

The Integrated Reasoning section comprises 12 questions and students have 30 minutes to solve them. Here, questions will be related to table analysis, multi-source reasoning, two-part analysis, and graphics interpretation.

Difficulty level and analysis

The GMAT is quite different to other exams in that it adjusts to your ability. With this arrangement, the amount of time required to complete this exam gets reduced considerably. Also, the exam establishes an improved level of accuracy as compared to other exams.

In the early part of the GMAT exam, students are presented with questions of intermediate difficulty. The score is presented to the student from a computer based on the performance level. This score will be used as a benchmark in presenting further questions for the student. When correct answers are provided by a student for the initial questions, the difficulty level of the remaining questions gets increased. Similarly, incorrect responses for the initial questions will attract questions with lesser difficulty.

What scores are preferred by top universities?

GMAT scores are considered as a qualifier by a large number of top Business schools across India and the rest of the world. GMAT has the widest reach as compared to other Entrance exams. More than 7000 courses and 2300 colleges consider your GMAT score during the time of admission process.

To give you an idea about the GMAT scores preferred by some of the top universities across the world, here are some details:

The United States of America

University Name                             GMAT Score Range

1. Stanford University                            610 – 790

2. Northwestern University                    600 – 780

3. Yale University                                  690 – 760

4. University of Chicago                        620 – 790

5. University of Pennsylvania                530 – 790

6. Harvard University                            580 – 790

7. Columbia University                         530 – 790

8. Dartmouth University                       620 – 780

9. MIT                                                   690 – 760

10. UCLA                                             680 – 750


University Name                             GMAT Score Range

1. INSEAD                                                   709

2. London Business School                          708

3. LSE                                                           708

4. University of Navarra                               690

5. HEC Paris School of Management           690    

6. University of Cambridge                          690

7. University of Oxford                                 690

8. ESADE Ramon Llull                                668

9. The University of Warwick                      660

10. Bocconi University                                 650


University Name                            Avg GMAT Cut-off

1. McGill University                                     694

2. University of Toronto                               665

3. York University                                        660

4. University of British Columbia                650

5. Queen’s University – Kingston                650

6. Université de Montreal                             625

7. University of Alberta                                619

8. McMaster University                                616

9. Simon Fraser University                           615

10. The University of Western Ontario        600+


University Name                               Avg GMAT Cut-off

1. The University of Melbourne                  705      

2. The University of New South Wales        650

3. The Australian National University         600+

4. The University of Sydney                       600+

5. RMIT University                                    550+ 


University Name                                                                   Avg GMAT Cut-off

1. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology                 770

2. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore                            700

3. Tsinghua University                                                               670

4. National University of Singapore                                             662

5. Seoul National University                                                       650

6. Peking University                                                                  640

7. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)                           620

What are the passing scores and what do the scores represent?

Unlike most traditional university exams, the GMAT doesn’t have a passing score. However, each university can have a minimum qualifying GMAT score. Depending on your score, you can secure admission to a college.

Given below are details that are useful in interpreting your GMAT results:

Your Total, Quantitative, and Verbal scores

The total score of the GMAT exam can vary between 200 and 800. However, nearly two-thirds of candidates who take up this exam end up scoring between 400 and 600. Also, Quantitative and Verbal scores fall between 0 and 60 with scores above 51 and below being rare.

Quantitative and Verbal scores can easily be compared between different GMAT test administrations and are on a fixed scale. However, as these scores are constructed differently, comparing them becomes difficult.

Your Integrated Reasoning score

The IR (Integrated Reasoning) scores can range between 1 and 8 in single-digit intervals. Usually, questions in this section need more than one response. Also, as these questions are designed to integrate data for solving complex problems, answering all responses correctly will fetch your credits. Candidates need to know that in GMAT, no partial credits are awarded.

Your Analytical Writing Assessment Score

The deciding factor for your AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) score is your analysis of an argument essay. This score will range between 0 and 6 in half-point intervals.

Your AWA scores are calculated using a combination of a machine algorithm and approved and trained human raters. When a disparity arises between the human score and the algorithm, the score awarded by an additional human rater is also considered and the overall score is adjusted accordingly.

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Registering GMAT exam is simple and quick. Students need to visit the official website of GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) and register for the exam. The official link for registration is:

Students are advised to register for GMAT as early as possible as the appointment slots can get filled quickly. Also, by registering quickly, there are high chances of securing a date and time of your choice.

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