GRE or Graduate Record Examination is conducted by the US-based ETS (Education Testing Service) that is a multi-choice, computer-based, and standardized exam that is accepted by many top colleges and universities across the world for enabling students to get admission to graduation (MS, MBA) and research (PhD) programs.

With GRE tests, you can easily test your quantitative and verbal reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills. The Verbal Reasoning section of the exam is there to test your vocabulary usage, critical reasoning, and ability to read comprehension. Students need to answer 25 questions that fall under this section and they have 35 minutes for the same. The Qualitative Reasoning section requires you to crack questions related to data analysis and problem-solving. There are altogether 25 questions in this section that needs to be finished within 40 minutes. The Analytical Writing section will gauge your ability to communicate. This section comprises of two sub-sections – ‘Analyze an Argument’ and ‘Analyze an Issue’ tasks. The time allocated for this section is 30 minutes.

GRE Subject Tests

Candidates taking up GRE subject tests can be sure of accentuating their knowledge and skills in a particular area that can give them an edge over other applicants. The best part about the subject tests is that they are exclusively designed for students who have a background in these areas: Cell and Molecular Biology, Literature in English, Biochemistry, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics and those with an undergraduate major.

Why GRE?

The confidence a student gains after doing well in GRE is realistic and this can help him/her do well in the chosen course in the future. Furthermore, with GRE you have the flexibility of sending your scores to only those schools that you are interested in. Also, in case you do not perform well in the exam, you can take up the exam again and send only the score that you are happy with. What is also interesting with the GRE exam is that students can skip questions and can go back to them at a later stage to change answers. This arrangement lets students use their time optimally and maximize their scores.

Where to book your GRE exam?

Edument is here to help you crack the GRE exam easily and in a hassle-free way. With us, booking your GRE exam is a breeze and you can be confident of doing well in it. Our GRE experts can be contacted anytime for help and guidance. Whether it is online GRE coaching or GRE classroom coaching, Edument’s approach will make you feel confident and ready to take the GRE challenges head-on.

You can book your GRE exam by visiting the official website of ETS. As a new user, you need to create an account for yourself on the website by providing essential details. Thereafter, using your Username and Password, you need to log in and follow essential steps to take up the test on the stipulated date and time.

The official link for taking test is:

You can follow this link to select your GRE test centre and date:

What are the passing scores and what do scores represent?

Like most competitive exams that are conducted to gain entry into prestigious schools/colleges across the world, there isn’t a passing score in GRE. However, there is a perception of what a ‘good GRE score’ is. This score usually depends on a student’s expectations than anything else. Also, this perception can vary from one student to another. The same is the case with universities. For example, a particular GRE score may sound good enough to gain entry into the University of Michigan. However, the same score may not be good enough to secure admission into Harvard University and so on.

Your GRE scores can range between 130 and 170 with one-point increments for the Quantitative Reasoning and the Verbal Reasoning sections. However, for the Analytical Writing section, the range of scores is between 0 and 6 with half-point increments.

Your scores in the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning indicate the difficulty level of that section as well as the number of questions you have attempted correctly. However, for the Analytical Writing section, you are awarded a score for each essay using a six-point holistic scale by a trained reader. Thereafter, the essay will be evaluated and scored by an ETS-developed computer program called e-rater. This program is developed such that it can easily gauge the candidate’s writing proficiency. If both the scores are close, the average of the two is obtained and will be regarded as the final score of the candidate.

What scores are preferred by top universities?

United States

Given below are some of the top-ranked US universities that consider GRE scores for their higher programs, like MS and MBA.

University                                        Verbal Reasoning          Quantitative Reasoning

Arizona State University                           150                                       162

Boston University                                     153                                       162

CalTech                                                  158 -166                             166 – 168

Carnegie Mellon University                  154 – 159                            161 – 163

Colorado State University                        312                                       312

Columbia University                             154 – 167                            156 – 170

Cornell University                                154 – 167                            151 – 167

Duke University                                   160 – 165                            154 – 160

Elon University                                       305                                        305

Georgia Tech University                        155                                     161 – 164

Harvard University                              155 – 170                             154 – 167

Illinois Urbana Champaign                 155 – 162                              163 – 166

Indiana University                                156                                        163

John Hopkins University                  155 – 169                              160 – 165

Louisiana State University                   310                                         310

McGill University                            145 – 170                               155 – 170

MIT                                                  157 – 167                               162 – 167

New York University                          152                                         164

Northwestern University                 151 – 160                               157 – 161

Ohio State University                          154                                         159

Pennsylvania State University             153                                         163

Princeton University                       161 – 168                                163 – 170

Purdue University                           158 – 161                                163 – 164

Stanford University                        158 – 167                               154 – 167

Texas A&M University                       154                                         160

The University of Alabama                 310                                         310

Tulane                                                 313                                          313

UC Berkeley                                  155 – 167                              152 – 167

UCLA                                            154 – 165                              152 – 167

UNC Greensboro                                310                                         310

University of California                      154                                         166

University of Chicago                         156                                         161

University of Colorado                       157                                         161

University of Florida                     312 or up                               312 or up

University of Houston                        305                                        305

University of Iowa                             310                                         310

University of Maryland                     154                                         160

University of Michigan                 154 – 155                                161 – 167

University of Pennsylvania           155 – 162                                151 – 166

University of South California      151 – 162                               151 – 167

University of Texas Austin                155                                    160 – 168

USC                                                   313                                         313

UT Dallas                                          310                                        310

Wisconsin Madison                           157                                        166

Yale University                             155 – 165                               154 – 170


Country            University Name                                                  GRE Score

UK                 Imperial College London                                            327

UK        London School of Economics and Political Science           325

UK                University College London                                          324

UK                Durham University                                                      319

UK               London Business School                                               322

UK               University of Manchester                                              320

UK               University of Glasgow                                                  322

UK               University of Birmingham                                            316

UK               University of St. Andrews                                            317

UK               Queen Mary, University of London                             319

UK               University of Leeds                                                      317

UK               University of Bristol                                                    328

UK               University of Sheffield                                                323

Germany       Free University of Berlin                                           309

Germany      Technical University of Munich                                 320

Germany       Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich                330

Germany       RWTH Aachen University                                         308

Germany       Heidelberg University                                                320


Like in the US, universities in Canada require you to crack standardized exams. However, some of these exams, like the GRE, are optional. Students seeking admission to a Master’s program need to attempt GRE and possible score highly to get into prestigious institutes. However, those seeking admission to business schools, don’t require to appear for the GRE.

Given below are some Canadian universities that consider GRE scores while processing student admission for various courses:

Brock University

Cape Breton University

Carleton University

Concordia University

Dalhousie University

HEC Montreal

Ivey Business School

Lakehead University

McGill University

McMaster University

Queens University School of Business

St. Mary’s University

Thompson Rivers University

University of Alberta

University of British Columbia

University of Calgary

University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

University of Quebec

University of Canada West


University of Manitoba

University of New Brunswick, Saint John

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

University of Ottawa

University of Toronto

University of Victoria

University of Western Ontario

Wilfrid Laurier University

York University


Students don’t need to attempt GRE to secure admission to an Australian university. However, some universities do consider the GRE scores during admissions for MBA courses. Students seeking admission to an Australian university will find it easier to get scholarship opportunities if they have an above-average GRE score. Some of the universities that accept GRE scores in Australia are:

AGSM @ UNSW Business School

Deakin University

Murdoch University

S P Jain School of Global Management

University of Melbourne (Melbourne Business School)

University of Sydney


Given below are some of the top Asian universities that consider GRE scores:

University                                                                      Country

National University of Singapore (NUS)                     Singapore

SMU Singapore                                                           Singapore

Indian School of Business (ISB)                                  India

Chinese University of Hong Kong                              Hong Kong

INSEAD                                                                      Singapore

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business               China

IIM – Udaipur                                                             India

IIM – Bangalore                                                          India

Nanyang Technological University                             Singapore

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology    Hong Kong

IIM – Ahmedabad                                                        India

Fudan University International                                   China

Edument approach for your GRE coaching

Your GRE preparation has to be the best. This is why you will find our team dedicated and willing to walk an extra mile to see to it that your preparation remains perfect.

Students who choose GRE coaching with Edument stick to a systematic schedule of practice sections and lectures that are designed to cover different aspects of the GRE. And to help students be effective in their preparation for GRE, we make sure to add key techniques in our video lectures time and again. These key techniques will be made available to you by our expert and experienced GRE tutors. The best part about these techniques is that they are developed to make it easier for you to crack difficult problems and easily understand problematic areas of the test.

Edument has structured the GRE coaching program in a flexible but simple way. We make sure that students proceed with their coaching activities at their own pace. While the course is designed to prepare students for GRE within 12 weeks, it can be extended or accelerated according to students’ convenience and requirements.

Edument also lines up several mock tests at the end of GRE coaching to ensure students have some kind of experience before they take the real exam. If you want to know more about our GRE coaching or have other related queries, please get in touch with us.

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