The best and assured way for students to enhance their existing skills and knowledge is to opt for a Student Mentorship Program. There are numerous ways how a student mentor program can be beneficial to students, especially at a young age. If you are a student and opt for this program, you can be sure that your mentor can help you reach far while you are in school. Student mentors are needed not just for lending you the much-needed support but also to provide you professional, personal, and academic help whenever you need it the most. 

Typically, successful mentors are those who are experienced and have a thorough knowledge of fields they are interested in. They can be a perfect role model for young mentees. A good mentor invests time and energy in helping hone the mentee’s skills. When the mentor-mentee relationship is based on a successful foundation, the objectives and goals become easier to achieve. Individuals involved in these programs end up benefitting each other.

After completing your Student Mentorship Program with Edument you will:

  • You will more confident and can easily set goals
  • Open up your brain’s superpower
  • Deal with stress, manage time, and prepare for exams in an effective way
  • Handle social media, computer literacy, cyberbullying, and cybersecurity in a far better way
  • Learn about nutrition and ways to improve your physical and mental fitness
  • Learn more about topics that are of interest to you
  • Plan about your future career
  • Explore career options before you
  • Learn how to build an attractive profile and grow personally
  • Understand more about selecting subjects, summer schools, and PSAT
  • Improve your reading, communication, and verbal skills
  • Create videos for YouTube and be a digital marketer

What does our Student Mentorship Program include?

If you enrol in our Student Mentorship Program, there is so much you can look forward to. Typically, our program has this on offer to you:

  • Mindfulness and Wellness
  • Career Guidance
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Skill Development
  • Profile Building

Our learning process is module-based which can be tracked easily for monitoring your progress. The step-by-step module developed by Edument makes it convenient for you to access information. Each module is dedicated to a different topic and contains quizzes, links to websites, videos, and reading materials for you to understand the topic easily and prioritize your game plan. 

The Student Mentorship Program is designed in a structured way to enable you to meet your mentor periodically and maintain a cordial mentor-mentee relationship. Upon completion of the program, a Certificate of Achievement is given to the student. This certificate can be listed on your CV or resume.

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