India, with its incredibly rich history and culture, is making a mark as a prominent education destination for international students. There is a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs on offer in India across its cities that choosing an option becomes difficult. Besides lots of options available in education courses in India, the low living cost and tuition fees make studying in India worthwhile. Let us also not forget that India is a land of mystery with each place different from the other, culture and food-wise. 

As there is so much to look forward to and explore in India, it can be tough for students, both national and international, to understand what the Indian education system is all about and how one can get started to make the most of the opportunities available. This is where Edument’s education consultancy services come into the picture. We make you aware of the Indian culture and ethos whilst giving all information needed to make your study in India possible.

Our vast experience of working with different Indian universities, schools, colleges, and other education institutes have helped us understand what they are looking for in students and how the overall Indian education system can be for you. We endeavour to use our experience and knowledge of working with Indian educational institutes to make it easier for you to secure admission to a prestigious institute in India. 

Edument not only provides information on Indian education and education institutes but also help students by providing career guidance. We recommend suitable career options for students based on their skill and interests. And for professionals having some experience behind them, Edument provides tailored advice on how to make advancements in their careers and what plan of actions they need to take in the future. 

While education in India is affordable, it is also entirely based on the merit system. If you are an undergraduate student, our consultants will help you understand things that need to be done to achieve your goals. For working professionals and postgraduate students, we help build a suitable and attractive profile so it stands out in the competition and makes it possible for you to open many opportunities career-wise. We also suggest new fields that you may be interested in exploring. With so many options available in the Indian education scenario, the time is right for students to make the most of the opportunities that come their way. At Edument, we are only happy to contribute to your growth and success.

Services We Offer:

  • Advice on applications
  • Advice on institute selection
  • Career counselling and consulting services
  • Psychometric tests evaluation
  • Advice on profile building
  • Advice on scholarships, loans, and financial aid

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